Problem with Squirrels ? The Solution is here

Squirrel Poison. What you should know

Picture squirrels rummaging your waste, hiding in attic or feeding on your pantry. These animals have tormented many homes around the countries for ages and if you can relate to any of these scenes, the thought of using squirrel poison has surely already crossed your mind.

When considering the possibility of poisoning squirrels as a means of pest control, there seems to be plenty of debate going on. Let’s study some facts.

At first sight, using poison may sound like good advice: easy, clean and fast. The only procedure consists in using squirrel bait, not hard to find since squirrels feed on all types of food –nuts, seeds, fruit or even meat. You should study squirrel behavior first, where they hide, how they enter your house, where they run about, etc. After you have gathered all this data, you can better decide where to place the bait.

Squirrel Poison

Secondly, squirrels die once the poison has done its job. This way, you can prevent messy outcomes resulting from the use of weapons or animal traps. There’s no blood involved: poisoned animals just fade away and drop dead: clean and easy.

Finally, this process can be really speedy. If you choose to use an effective, heavy-duty working poison in the right dosage, then it won’t take long before you find the dead squirrel in a distant corner in your house. Bear in mind that you should always ask for professional advice on the kinds of products available on the market. Also, take extreme care when handling toxic substances, use proper gloves, face masks and dispose of all containers once you have finished.

What’s not to Love?
So far, so good, however, squirrel control through poisoning has its drawbacks, too. Although setting bait may sound like a simple chore, getting a squirrel to eat it is quite another thing. Squirrels tend to pick food and take it to their storage place. This means that you will never know for sure whether the squirrel eats the poison, let alone when or where.

This problem will not happen if you use squirrel bait station as you can place it outside in the garden or away from the garden, the smell will attract squirrels away from your attic and garden they won’t be able to resist.

If you are doing things manually in the attic or in the garden, this will takes us to a greater challenge, still: squirrel removal. It is likely that the poisoned animal ends up anywhere in your house. In fact, it is common for homeowners to find dead bodies lying in difficult-to-reach areas. Besides, clean is not synonymous with safe. Even if no apparent violence is used in the process, this does not mean that a poisoned animal is a clean, hygienic issue.

Children could run into the dying rodent and touch it. Not only adults would be responsible for endangering their children’s health, but also for putting their emotional integrity at risk. A poisoned crawling animal is not an attractive scene for a child to contemplate.

If this was the case then you are in need of a repellant. we highly recommend Havahart products, they work great for us. The poisoned squirrels will not be anywhere near your attic, garden and your children.

Last but not least, poisoning animals is illegal in most states, apart from being an inhumane and irresponsible act which makes repellant a suitable replacement product to use.

A Final Reflection

If you are looking forward to achieving a more human ways of squirrel extermination, look for other methods of pest control and leave the poison to some other fairy tale villain.